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This Special Workshop Will Reveal What’s Ahead For the Agency Business – Addressing the Most Important Trends That Will Impact the Industry and Your Operation Over the Next Year.

11:00 am CT
Track 1

The New Drivers That Will Fuel the Agency Industry Into 2023

In this kick-off to Mirren Live, Doug and John will address the coming trends that will most impact the industry over the year ahead. Through Agency Futures and Worldwide Partners, they have unparalleled access to hundreds of agencies around the world.

Expect a provocative – and even confronting – look at how the power balance between clients and agencies must be addressed. The domino effect of this critical imbalance is setting the agency world on a course for new trends that will directly impact talent retention, organic growth, new business and profitability. In fact, there are several make or break moments coming for the industry.

Agency Futures
Managing Partner
Worldwide Partners
President & CEO
12:00 pm CT
Track 1

The Bright Spots with Clients: New Priorities, New Budgets, New Opportunities

Lindsey runs a marketing strategy consultancy for clients that include Target, Microsoft, The North Face, Nickelodeon, and MassMutual, to name a few. Part of her remit often includes improving the performance of agency rosters. Here, she’ll reveal what’s ahead for agencies, based on the evolving needs of clients. In fact, there are three changes to the client marketing operations model that will provide even greater opportunity for agency new business.

Sunday Dinner
1:00 pm CT
Track 1

Can It Get Anymore Crazy? The New Consumer Trends Defining the Year Ahead

In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from consumer trends specialist, Jonathan Ricard. He’ll reveal Resonate’s latest research findings on the breaking trends turning 2022 into another eventful year.

COVID, Russia, interest rates, housing – all continuing to impact how people think, feel and behave. In particular, Jonathan will take a look at the new trends most impacting consumer behavior, including health, wealth, and economics.

Chief Strategy Officer & General Manager
1:45 pm CT
Track 1

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