Mirren Live 2022

Kansas City + Virtual // May 17 - 18 2022

We're Back In-Person
Hosted at Barkley in Kansas City!

Building a Faster, Smarter, Healthier Agency

We’re in-person and virtual, hosted in the amazing event space at one of the best agencies in the business. We’ll have 700 agencies again this year, with just under half being in-person. Take in 60+ speakers in 35+ sessions over 2 days, all focused on growing your agency in 2022.

Mirren Live is now complete for 2022.

Mirren Live is Complete for 2022

We'll See You May 2023

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Build a Faster, Smarter, Healthier Agency

"Scale with Soul"

Your clients. Your talent. Your operations. All are demanding a complete innovation. At the same time, we’re in a period of incredible growth – most challenged by the talent crisis. This May, we’re focused on all new sessions to help you innovate, retool and upskill your agency. All, with balance.

We’ll be virtual and in-person, hosted inside the large event space of Barkley in Kansas City – a rare opportunity to connect and collaborate with the best agencies in the business. Who should attend? This is designed for management teams, pitch teams, senior account leads and HR. Closer to the event, don't want to attend in-person? Trade your pass for a virtual one.

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Designed for Management Teams, Senior Account Leads, HR & Pitch Teams

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