Our recently released iOS and Android apps give users the power to earn points in exchange for sharing personal data by completing brand surveys, connecting data sources (social media and bank information), or installing a Chrome extension. Those earned “data dividends” can then be used to bypass paywalls for brands.

We make advertising investments work harder by using the smartest and most accurate way to generate consumer responses in real time. With Realtime Research, we provide brands with scalability, actionable insights and consistent budget reporting. Brands can receive thousands of responses per day and create more relevant ad experiences with premium targeting. We combine market research with media activation to bolster ad performance. Invisibly is allowing brands to maximize their budget and reach new target audiences.

Sean Mahoney

As Invsibly’s Head of Sales, Sean Mahoney is responsible for Invisibly’s growth efforts with brand and agency partnerships, as well as developing content partnerships. With 25 years of experience with go-to-market strategies, Sean has built and led high-performing sales teams, while cultivating strategic business and marketing partnerships to maximize sales revenue and exceed business goals.

Meg Stamos

Megan Stamos is Invisibly’s Business Development Representative on the Sales & Partnerships team. She is responsible for outreach to prospective clients to understand their pain points. Megan works to determine how Invisibly’s solutions can benefit clients to help them overcome the challenges they are facing.

Invisibly's people-first content platform allows brands the ability to connect and engage with consented consumers. Founded by Jim McKelvey (co-founder of Square) and backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Invisibly is at the forefront of creating a people-first data ecosystem.

Invisibly is at the forefront of creating a people-first data ecosystem by providing brands with a direct way to maximize their marketing budget by leveraging unique data segments to drive business goals..

Sean Mahoney

Head of Sales

Meg Stamos

Business Development Representative

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