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Isabel Long

Head of Growth
Isabel is the Head of Growth for Highdive, an award-winning, independent agency based in Chicago. Isabel has spent her entire career on the business development and marketing side of agencies, including top advertising and public relations firms including Deutsch, DDB Chicago, Edelman and MSL. Having spent time in both advertising and PR, Isabel brings a unique, integrated background and has developed a strong track record of building agency rosters and finding the right solutions for clients. She lives outside Chicago with her husband, two sons, and new Golden Retriever puppy, Moose.

This Speaker's Sessions

New Business Leaders: Where We’re Seeing the Biggest Opportunities

May 16, 2023 | 10:30 am
Here, new business chiefs from agencies with exceptionally high win rates will reveal the trends ahead for the agency pipeline. As a group, they’ll answer key questions about the future of business development:

- Where are the most profitable new business opportunities right now?
- Where will they be in 12 - 24 months?
- Which clients?
- What types of assignments?
- What size of agency?

We’ll unpack the coming changes to client needs, the implications for agencies, and how the industry must continue to evolve its approach to pursuing new business.

Opportunity will be provided for audience Q/A.