Small Group Think Tank 5

Small Group Think Tank 5


FORMAT Open to in-person and virtual attendees, these special one-hour interactive sessions provide the opportunity to connect with a group of 15 industry peers during Mirren Live. Addressing a critical industry topic, you’ll be able to join in, ask questions, share your thoughts, and learn from others. All are moderated by a subject matter expert.

Come prepared to contribute your thoughts, in addition to learning from others in the room.

Seating is limited and will fill up fast (some within a day or two).

Please Note: only 1 person per agency may join each Think Tank. Advance sign up opens May 3rd.

TOPIC: Making Your Agency More Nimble, More Responsive for Clients As clients work to navigate shifting market conditions, they’re striving to optimize their marketing in a more real-time nature – capitalizing on opportunities as they arise in the moment.

This has direct implications for agencies. How can you accelerate your agency’s operations to meet this new client need? How can you maintain – and even increase – your margins while doing so? And importantly, how can you protect the health and wellbeing of your people?

Join this group discussion as they unpack what it now takes to streamline your agency’s operations in a way that results in being more nimble and responsive for clients.

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