Small Group Think Tank 9

Small Group Think Tank 9


FORMAT Open to in-person and virtual attendees, these special one-hour interactive sessions provide the opportunity to connect with a group of 15 industry peers during Mirren Live. Addressing a critical industry topic, you’ll be able to join in, ask questions, share your thoughts, and learn from others. All are moderated by a subject matter expert.

Come prepared to contribute your thoughts, in addition to learning from others in the room.

Seating is limited and will fill up fast (some within a day or two).

Please Note: only 1 person per agency may join each Think Tank. Advance sign up opens May 3rd.

TOPIC: Strategies to Improve Your Margins This discussion will focus on new best practices to address the increasing pressures agencies are experiencing to maintain profitability. As clients want it all – faster, better, cheaper – it can be a challenge to meet these evolving needs while maintaining critical margin levels for the agency. Step-by-step, this group will unpack the specific steps you can take (and have taken) to overcome these challenges.

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