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Aaron Shapiro

Marketing luminary Aaron Shapiro is the founder and Chairman of Product, an independent agency focused on making and marketing products for a sustainable future. Product’s unique POV and offering have attracted leading brands like Google and Post Consumer Brands. Best known for building and growing Huge into a 1,500-person global digital agency that was acquired by IPG, Shapiro has successfully launched and sold several innovative businesses. The serial entrepreneur founded Silverpop, a marketing automation SaaS company that was acquired by IBM, as well as IPG agency Elephant and Dayforward, a tech-driven, D2C life insurance company. With decades of experience at the forefront of marketing and innovation, Shapiro is a recognized leader in digital transformation. Throughout his career, his insights have been featured in publications like Fast Company, Ad Age, and Adweek, and he is the author of digital growth manual Users, Not Customers.

This Speaker's Sessions

The New Agency Model: SaaS + Professional Services (Limited Seating)

May 8, 2024 | 8:30 am
Expect a lively discussion as we look at the future of the agency model. 

Product was launched last year by HUGE founder and former CEO, Aaron Shapiro – inspired by the capabilities of AI. He has built an entirely new agency model that automates much of what it provides – providing greater value to clients and requiring far fewer people to operate.

How Product is structured to engage clients and orchestrate projects is quite different from past agency models. Clients subscribe to various aspects of their SaaS AI-based platform, on top of which marketing services are added. To help further improve the efficiency of their operation, much of the backend has been automated. In fact, Aaron often references, “It’s more of a software sell to clients now.”

Important: This session has limited seating for in-person attendees and will require advance signup. Everyone will receive an email (mid-April) with the instructions to sign up.