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Alana Heber

SVP, Group Strategy Director
Alana is a Senior Vice President, Group Strategy Director at Edelman, working primarily in the Consumer Health & Wellness space. Her involvement on Edelman’s Gen Z Lab and Gen Z Trust IP is a true passion project. She strives to keep her finger on the pulse of culture and is passionate about helping internal stakeholders and clients decipher and participate with an ever-evolving consumer landscape and ultimately find the right moments and opportunities for their businesses to thrive.

This Speaker's Sessions

Decoding Gen Z: Surprising Truths About Today's It Consumer

May 17, 2023 | 11:15 am
It’s been a volatile few years, and Gen Z are adjusting to life in permacrisis. With authenticity and brand responsibility taking center stage for this generation, they’re redefining the rules for present and future consumers.

Join GWI trends expert Laura Connell and Edelman’s Alana Heber as they tap into the top insights uncovered about this generation. From activism and DE&I to social media habits and wellness trends, this session is powered by GWI's audience insights and Edeleman's Gen Z Lab and Gen Z Trust IP. You won't want to miss it.