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David C. Baker

David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor to entrepreneurial creatives worldwide. He has written 6 books, advised 1,000+ firms, and keynoted conferences in 30+ countries. His work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, USA Today, BusinessWeek, CBS News, Newsweek, and Inc. Magazine. His work has also been featured in the NY Times, where he was recently referred to as “the expert’s expert”. He lives in Nashville, TN, but grew up in Guatemala, where he lived with the K'anjobal, a tribe of Mayans in San Miguel Acatán, Huehuetanango, where his parents did medical and literacy work. David helps entrepreneurial creatives make better business decisions about their positioning and marketing, how they structure their roles in the firm, and how to benchmark their financial performance. His two most recent books are “Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors: Covert Techniques for a Remarkable Practice” and The Business of Expertise: How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth." He co-hosts the most listened to podcast in the creative services field (2bobs).

This Speaker's Sessions

Creating New Agency Services: An Innovator’s Guide

May 8, 2024 | 9:45 am
Dive into the art and science of service design with agency innovation expert David C. Baker. Most agencies falter in that their services are based on habits, people, and clients of the past. There is no forward-thinking and market-centric consideration. Making matters worse, the process is often random, emotional, and agency-centric (what will be most “fun and interesting” to provide). This session will provide a step-by-step framework for identifying and developing new services that clients and prospects will be compelled to purchase – at far higher margins. You’ll learn how to continue tailoring your services to meet the new and evolving demands of clients as you establish long-term profitable relationships.