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Jameson Fleming

Executive Editor
Jameson covers advertising agencies, CMOs and their marketing teams for Adweek, the most-read publication covering advertising, media and marketing. He’s worked across the Adweek newsroom over the past seven years, including as an editor for and Adweek's print edition, overseeing Adweek's social media and newsletter strategies, as well as working across the company with Adweek's product development team, audience development team, events and more. Jameson pushes Adweek's reporters to tell stories about advertising and marketing that shine a light on the industry's problems and highlight solutions to those problems.

This Speaker's Sessions

Reporters Read Mean Tweets - Uncovering the Truth Behind The Snark

May 7, 2024 | 3:00 pm
Brace yourself. In this twist on the format, top journalists from AdAge and Adweek will read mean tweets about you, the audience – giving way to a lively conversation on how agencies should actually be interacting with the press. You’ll gain new insight into a day in the life of a journalist, the challenges they face, how they evaluate story ideas, what’s hot right now – and what they think about agencies in 2024!

Search Consultants: What’s Coming for Your New Business Pipeline

May 7, 2024 | 4:45 pm
Search consultants are an effective leading indicator for the new business pipelines of agencies. This group of leading matchmakers will share what’s currently in their pipelines – and what's ahead for agencies. They’ll discuss the makeup of client requests, including budget sizes, client objectives, agency capabilities, and the volume of opportunities. Importantly, they’ll provide their take on the opportunities for smaller versus larger agencies.Time will be provided for audience Q&A. We’ve also invited them to join the Cocktail Reception.