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Mirren Business Development

Laura Matthews

Director of Agency Growth Strategy
Laura is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She brings experience across a range of industries and agencies (digital, full service, PR) – giving her a well-rounded perspective in her training. At Mirren, Laura trains agency teams on client retention, growth, strategy, and new business. In particular, she believes agencies need to lean in more with their clients. “Too often, agencies limit themselves to a vendor role where they’re seen as order takers. The most successful agencies make the effort to deeply understand their clients’ categories and bottom-line goals, and deliver work that is clearly positioned to impact those goals.” Laura spent nearly six years with VMLY&R, where she led work for Bridgestone, Tennessee Tourism, and Intel, among other brands. Originally from South Carolina, Laura moved to Seattle in 2019 after spending a decade in Nashville, TN.

This Speaker's Sessions

Turn Your Client-Facing Teams Into Hunters

May 7, 2024 | 11:00 am
As the dysfunction of RFPs continues to create challenges, more agencies have become more aggressive with Organic Growth. At the same time, when more proactively leaning in with clients, satisfaction, tenure, and profits increase dramatically.

However, most client-facing teams resist, as they have no desire to feel like salespeople or be pushed into a new business mindset.

There’s a better way.

Based on training hundreds of agencies on the most effective strategies for Organic Growth, Laura and Sharon will outline how to shift your agency’s culture to one of being more assertive – pursuing more work from more clients, more consistently. Importantly, they’ll outline the four critical skills your teams must master and how you can instill those abilities. This will include outlining the single best approach for pinpointing new ideas clients will actually want to buy.

What's Working to Win More Business Right Now

For All Acess In-Person Registrations:
3 Part Series: May 16, June 5, June 20

May 16, 2024 | 1:00 pm

Session 1: May 16, 1-2:15 pm ET
What’s Working to Win More Business: A Look Inside Our New Business Engine
Speaker: Mischief: Katie Newman, Partner, and Chief Marketing Officer

It’s no secret Mischief @ No Fixed Address is on a tear: groundbreaking work, creative awards, new business wins, Agency of the Year, and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Ad Agency in the World, to name a few achievements. Kept a little more secret, how the heck are they doing it? For this session, we’ll focus on new business. Here, Katie will discuss why new business has fundamentally changed and what that means for agencies now. The practices of old are done. She will address the new best practices now required to generate business in a way that is consistent – and authentic – for your agency.

Session 2: June 5, 1-1:45 pm ET
Five Strategies to Get Into & Win Better RFPs

Speaker: HUGE: Katie Birkel, Growth Director

Katie continues to rock new business at the agency powerhouse, HUGE. In this session, she’ll outline five key strategies that play the greatest role in converting RFPs. Working through each one, she’ll detail what it is, what it means for the industry, and what it means for your pitching. Expect new takeaways that will completely elevate your pitch game.

Session 3: June 20, 1-1:45 pm ET
How to Audit & Optimize Your Pitch Effectiveness
Speaker: Mirren: Laura Matthews, Training Director

Applying lessons from training the best agencies in the business, Laura will walk you through a framework by which you can assess your agency’s approach to pitching new business.

You'll be put to work as you confirm your strengths and your constraints – those issues most holding back the effectiveness of your performance. You will evaluate your agency across several key elements, while comparing yourself to others. Gain insight into where to focus your efforts as you continue to improve pitching business during this turbulent period.