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Noble People

Rebecca Sharon

Group Director
Rebecca Sharon joined Noble People in 2015 after 5 years at Wieden+Kennedy in media planning and strategy. After joining Noble, Rebecca transitioned to a business development and account management role. She has successfully led a range of projects across many verticals - including CPG, SaaS, D2C, retail, cannabis, and healthcare. At Noble, Rebecca combines her years of front-line media planning and creative storytelling experience with her skills as a strategist, her deep knowledge of navigating competitive markets and categories, and an uncanny knack for identifying areas of opportunity for clients. Most recently, Rebecca has been working within Noble People's Client Solutions group - with a charge to help identify new growth opportunities for the agency, as well as its existing client partners.

This Speaker's Sessions

How We’ve Used Tech & AI to Accelerate Our Operations

May 8, 2024 | 9:45 am
Here, we’ll take a look at how several innovators have made their day-to-day operations more nimble, responsive, and profitable. This will include a look at:
  • The role of AI in streamlining operations
  • New tech stacks (that people actually adopt and use)
  • Client-centered system design
  • New leadership structures
  • Benchmarking agency efficiencies 
  • And more
Ultimately, the goal is to provide you with takeaways to help make your operations more nimble, responsive, and profitable.